Drum Louver

Model No. : ADL

Extruded Aluminium Drum Louver is adjustable both horizontally as well as vertically and suitable for high volume applications. It is fixed with opposed blade collar damper for excellent flow control.


  • Aerofoil blades are fixed inside the drum body made of specially shaped profiles and the opposed blade damper is attached to the drum body. The whole assembly is rigidly fixed to the frame by mechanical fasteners so as to enable rotation in the vertical direction.
  • The opposed blade damper in supply diffuser can be easily adjusted through the face of the unit by means of screw driver.
  • The louver is suitable for both long and short throw patterns with trajectory control.
  • The drum can be adjusted in the vertical direction 0 to 30 degrees up or down to direct the air throw in the desired direction.
  • Foam gasket is sealed around the back of the frame to avoid air leakage as option.
  • Flange width is 30mm as standard.


  • Neck Size
  • Operation: Manual / Motorised
  • Actuator make
  • Foam Gasket: Yes/No
  • RAL Colour


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